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Christmas time for pets

Christmas time, full of joy and cheer with the presents under the tree and Christmas dinner smelling better than ever! We as vets want to make sure that you and your pets have a fantastic Christmas without a trip to the practice.

Cats are often more fascinated by Christmas trees than us and like to climb and explore.  Make sure your tree is very secure and any glass tree decorations or those with sharp edges are well out of the way of your intrigued feline.  Cats also can enjoy a nibble on tinsel. They tend to eat lengths of stringy material which can then cause a concertina effect on the intestines.  This can be very harmful and requires surgery to treat, so keeping tinsel and string out of harm’s way is much safer!

What Christmas is complete without chocolate? Unfortunately many dogs, and sometimes cats, also believe this to be true!  Chocolate can cause vomiting and diarrhoea and in larger doses, liver failure and can be fatal.  The higher the cocoa content the more the risk, so keep those expensive dark chocolate truffles out of the way of any investigative hounds in the house!  Be wary of chocolates on the tree and wrapped in presents within reach.  Remember a small number of extra treats can lead to rapid weight gain which can take a long time to lose.

Dried fruit is also a risk to dogs and can cause renal failure so keep Christmas pudding, mince pies and Christmas cake away from low tables or other places your crafty hound may be able to get to.

For some of us, it can all get a bit much at these festive times.  We may like our house being filled with family, friends and music but not all our pets do.  For some, the bustle and noise can be very stressful.  If you have a timid pet who enjoys the quiet, make sure there is somewhere peaceful that they can go to not be disturbed.  They may prefer to have their food and litter tray in a hidden corner.

Most importantly, have a wonderful Christmas with your furry friends and if you have any worries or suspect your pet has eaten something they shouldn’t, don’t hesitate to call your vet for advice.  Merry Christmas!

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