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The hidden dangers on flooded roads Featured

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Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service offer the following useful advice, which could help prevent incidents during heavy rainfall and flooding.
It is provided to inform you of where to make those judgement calls and more importantly stay safe whilst driving in flood conditions.

• If a road has been closed, it is for the safety of the public and closure signs should be respected. This includes driving or walking.

• Do not attempt to walk through flooded areas. Even shallow water moving fast can sweep you off your feet and there may be hidden dangers such as open drains, damaged road surfaces, submerged debris or deep channels; these can cause serious injuries or even death.

• It is often impossible to tell how deep the water is or the condition of the ground beneath.

• Your vehicle or indeed you may be swept away if it’s moving water. Vehicles can float away in less than two feet of water.

• Do not smoke, eat or drink whilst in contact with floodwater and always wash your hands afterwards as the water may be contaminated.

• Keep children and vulnerable people out of floodwater.

• If your vehicle stalls, leave it immediately if safe to do so and seek higher ground.

• Do not travel in heavy rain storms unless absolutely necessary. Keep an eye on the weather reports on local television or listen to local radio.

More information can be found here

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