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Storm Advice from Insurers Featured

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Advice from insurers on the storm

Insurance firm AXA has put together a list of tips to keep yourself and your property safe during the storms:

  • Put together an emergency kit in case you're stuck in your home - you could include waterproof clothes, non-perishable food, bottled water and any medication that you take
  • Have a battery-powered radio for local alerts
  • Keep your mobile phone fully charged - and make sure you have useful numbers that you may need
  • It's always a good idea to keep important documents, including insurance policies, upstairs in your home or at a high level, preferably in a waterproof container
  • Make sure you know how to shut-off gas, electricity, oil-fired heating and water, even in the dark
  • Sand bags, flood sacks, door guards and air brick covers can also stop or slow water getting into your home. A good DIY store should stock these items.
  • Please make sure your home is well maintained to prevent leaks as damage due to wear and tear may not be covered
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