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Construction Sites Guidance

Hours of work for noisy operations including deliveries
Where residential occupiers are likely to be affected by noise, the hours of work will normally be restricted to the following:
Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm
Saturday 8am – 1pm
Sunday and Bank Holidays No work where noise is audible at the site boundary

All vehicles and plant arriving at and leaving the site must comply with these same restrictions. Any works outside of these hours require prior approval from the Environmental Protection Team, Environmental Health.

Air pollution
Burning of materials on the site is NOT permitted. Materials should be damped down or suitably sheeted to ensure dust pollution is minimised.
Audible reversing alarms
No high frequency audible reversing alarms are to be allowed on vehicles working on the site. The site must be set out so that as far as practicable the need for visiting vehicles to reverse is minimised. White noise alarms or alternative arrangements for providing a safe system of work must be used.
Radios shall not be played at a volume that is audible to local residents.

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