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East Devon District Council is now able to offer a pest treatment service for a limited range of pests which have public health significance.

We carry out treatments for the following pests on domestic property:

  • Rats and mice - £60 (for up to 3 visits)
  • Wasps, bees and hornets - £30 per visit
  • Ants - £30 per visit
  • Cluster flies - £30 per visit
  • Fleas - £30 per room
  • Bed Bugs - £50 evaluation, spot treatment and quotation visit

To request a treatment please complete a pest treatment form here

or you could call the customer service centre on 01395 516551.

If you would like us to investigate a pest infestation on other land, or you have other insects or pests in your own home, please complete an on-line pest investigation form here, or you could call the Environmental Health team on 01395 517456.

For general information about other pests, birds and wild animals please see our website. There you will find information about badgers, bedbugs, bees, black ants, booklice, brown tail moth caterpillar, cockroaches, earwigs, fleas, foxes, house flies, house mice, moths, rats, seagulls, silverfish, slugs and snails, squirrels, wasps, and woodlice.

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