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Protect your Oil Tank this Winter Featured

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Police have warned rural householders to be vigilant after a rise in heating oil thefts from gardens as tanks are filled ready for winter.

Police say regular checking of tanks and earlier discovery would increase the likelihood of detecting the crime and catching the culprits but there are many simple steps homeowners can take to try and prevent the crime occurring in the first place.  

Devon and Cornwall Police are working in partnership with local fuel companies to raise awareness of the increase in oil thefts and to offer advice on how people can reduce the chances of becoming a victim of this type of crime.  

Superintendent Pearce said: “It is all about trying to make things as difficult as possible for the offender. If you read the suggestions here and act on those that are relevant for you then you can significantly decrease the risk of your oil being stolen.”  

Advice from Devon and Cornwall Police includes:
• Use fencing or shrubs to hide your tank from view
• Use security lighting and install CCTV cameras
• Fit a strong lock to the tank
• If possible fit a fuel cap alarm to alert you if the cap is tampered with or a tank alarm to alert you if the oil level drops
• Check the oil level in your tank on a regular basis
• Monitor your tank and fuel pipes for signs of damage
• If you see something suspicious ring the police immediately on 101 or dial 999 in an emergency (if life is threatened, people are injured, offenders are nearby or immediate action is required)   For more information contact your local policing team on 101 or visit www.devonancornwall.police.uk

Release date: 30/10/2013 10:57
Review date: 13/09/15


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