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Broadclyst Twinning Association

Twinning with Plobannalec-Lesconil- links of real friendship

Broadclyst Twinning Association was formed in 2006 to foster friendships and exchanges between the residents of Broadclyst and Plobannalec-Lesconil on the south coast of Brittany, with the twinning formalised in 2010 with the signing of the second charter. Plobannalec is mainly a farming community and Lesconil- a traditional fishing village with a beautiful port and a selection of gorgeous white sand beaches. Together they form one municipality. Our twins are friendly, outgoing, prone to dancing and singing, and always welcome us with open and friendly arms.

Over the years, our friendship links have grown strongly, and many groups in both villages have taken part in twinning exchanges, from art groups to choirs and children's football teams. The age profile of our twinning associations is very representative of both villages, with members aged from 2 to 90. We are especially pleased that unlike other twinning associations, many families are involved in this project that brings huge benefit to their children.

Opportunities for our children

Over the years, many schoolchildren in both villages have been able to spend time in each others' schools, and have gained hugely from the experience, both in language terms (as an association we have been able to enable several PL teenagers to a reach a very high level in English)  but also in their openness to the outside world. Several children from Broadclyst have also spent time in primary and secondary schools in in Brittany- if you could like to do this, please ask your parents to email us below to talk about we can help make it happen!

We are very keen to develop further links between the secondary schools, and to further links between Broadclyst primary school and both primary schools in PL.  Any interested staff in these schools should contact us for help and information!

We aim to involve as many Broadclyst children as possible in our activities, and this includes those who through family income would otherwise be unable to travel abroad- please contact us for further information about financial help available.

"Active Twinning"

Our twinning is about a lot more than the yearly return visits. The visits are an opportunity to deepen links and develop ongoing projects- we see them more as symposiums than social events! We also meet socially regularly, approach other groups in the village with a view to forging links, hold regular conversation groups in public places so that anyone can join in, hold fundraising activities (see below).  The members of the Association see themselves as facilitators for events involving the wider village.  We have a number of very competent French speakers in the group, which means that communication with our "twins" is never a problem.  Please contact us for further information, and especially if you have a project you'd like to develop.  PL is a village of a similar size to our own and many similar groups, plus they have the sea on their doorstep!

We are especially keen to enable any project involving the children in both villages.  PL has a range of highly active needle arts groups (the pays Bigouden is famous for its embroidery and lace), and water sports are very popular there.  They also have a hugely active football club, riding stables, gymnastics club, etc etc....

We hold regular fundraising events (to finance our twinning goals) and twinning social events. We have meetings as needed. Everyone is welcome to join. One of our highly popular fundraising activities is a monthly film club, the proceeds of which are paid into twinning funds. Please email the chair, Eleanor Rylance, at the address below for more details about this.

Please visit the PL website www.plobannalec-lesconil.com to find out more about our twin village.

For more information please email:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / Tel 01404 822821


Or find us at our stall on Broadclyst Fun Day on June 24th 2017, where our "twins" will be selling their usual delicious crepes.

Or on Facebook at 


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