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Love it or hate it, planning affects everyone’s lives

A planning overview

Planning is an integral part of the enabling the government’s vision for Britain. It includes such contentious headline grabbing issues such as where to put the extra 3 million houses we are told that this country requires. The planning system does however play an important role in helping protect the environment in our towns and cities and in the countryside.

Not surprisingly, planning takes up more Parish Council time than any other matter, and also elicits the greatest response from members of the public than almost anything else we do. The Government sets out national planning policy, but the main responsibility rests with local planning authorities, which in our case is East Devon District Council. To make this decision, the District Council ask for recommendations and comments from Broadclyst Parish Council, as well as other authorities such as the Highways Agency and Environment Agency. As well as this, they ensure that the applications are in line with Government legislation.

The Parish Council is sent copies of the plans for all applications affecting the village and is asked to submit its views. If these views concur with those of the Planning officers, then a decision will usually be made at that level. For major developments or where the Parish Council’s views differ from those of the officers, then an application will be referred to the District Council’s Development Control Committee for a decision.

What we do

Broadclyst Parish Council has a Planning sub-committee who review over 100 applications each year. The planning sub-committee meets as required when there are deadlines for submissions ahead of the main council meetings.  Notification of these meetings, which are opne to members of the press and public, will be posted on the website, at least 3 clear working days before the meeting is taking place.

We consider the impacts of each application, considering benefits as well as possible problems, such as parking or access. When necessary, we go on site visits to get a better understanding of applications.

We put our decisions to support or object to each application to the Parish Council. If an application is particularly contentious, the committee may only explain the application to the Parish Council and ask for a vote. Once a decision is reached, the District Council is informed.

What you can do

Members of the public are always welcome to attend the planning sub-committee. You can view and make comments on current applications at the weekly planning list on the District Council website. It is useful if you forward your comments to the Parish Council so we can take these into account when making our recommendation.

You can also attend our monthly Council Meetings to express your views on an application.

There are several useful websites available to help you with the planning process:

The Government have an extensive online planning site at http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/ . This is a very useful site for anything related to plannings applications, including advice on whether you need to apply, how
to apply, how to comment and how to appeal.

The District Council also have help at http://eastdevon.gov.uk/planning/

Joint Parishes Planning - Cranbrook

Representatives from Broadclyst’s Planning Sub-Committee regularly meet up with neighbouring parishes, Rockbeare, Whimple Clyst Honiton and Sowton (known as the 'Joint Parishes Planning') and occasionally Poltimore - to go over matters that affect us all. At the moment the group are particularly focused on plans for Cranbrook. Parish comments on plans for Cranbrook have had far greater impact and great levels of success in overturning proposals when they come from all the parishes speaking with a united voice.


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