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18/1770/MRES Amendments Land At Hayes Farm, Clyst Honiton (Neighbouring parish) Featured

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  • Application Number: 18/1770/MRES
  • Street: Land At Hayes Farm
  • Village: Clyst Honiton
  • Closing date for comments: Thursday, 25 October 2018
  • Did we Support?: Not Supported
  • EDDC Decision: Not Decided Yet
  • Our Comments:

    Comment on amendments will be available here after the planning committee meeting

    Initial comment: 18/1770/MRES Hayes Farm

    Thank you for consulting Broadclyst Parish Council on the Hayes Farm application 18/1770/MRES. The Council has been copied into the representations made by local residents and wishes to echo the concerns raised by the community and neighbours of the site.

    In addition to endorsing the comments raised by members of the public, Broadclyst Parish Council respectfully submits the following representations:

    1. Noise/light pollution: Council emphasises the need to put effective noise/light pollution mitigations in place to protect against disturbances to dwellings in the forthcoming proposed Cranbrook western expansion zone. Council requests acoustic fencing and a bund be provided to prevent noise pollution.
    2. Construction phase: The Council requests that there is a strict CEMP during construction restricting site work between 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, 8am-1pm Saturday only, with a travel plan requiring all construction traffic to access/leave the area via the new A30 and bypass only.
    3. Building design:
      1. On the Broadclyst Station side of the building, i.e. away from neighbouring properties, we respectfully request there be: no vehicle movements, no external lighting, no access points (save for emergency exits).
      2. That the colour of the building be such that it blends with the natural environment
    4. Working hours: It is appreciated there will be 24/7hour operations, however it is requested that outside operation is restricted between 10pm and 8am (for example waste management), with excessively noisy operations located away from the Broadclyst Station side of the site.
    5. Traffic and Infrastructure:
      1. Construction and commercial traffic: all construction and commercial traffic to enter/leave the locale via the new A30 and bypass only, using the Clyst Honiton bypass not old A30 through Blackhorse or past Cranbrook.
      2. Station Road: Station Road has a 7.5t weight limit except for access and is already a very busy road with traffic regularly backing back to the railway bridge at peak times (over 900m). this will be compacted by residential traffic from Cranbrook western expansion zone.

    Council has serious concerns as to the residual cumulative impact of additional traffic that this application will generate; domestic delivery vehicles are under 7.5t and so will not be prevented from using Station Road by the weight restriction. Station Road itself is narrow in places, with high Devon banks and stone walls not allowing anything larger than two cars to pass.

    The northern end of Station Road passes Clyst Vale Community College which experiences a high concentration of vehicular, cycle, and foot traffic at peak times in a concentrated area. 

    Recent traffic surveys demonstrate how the volume of traffic on Station Road has increased over the last 5 years by almost one third from 2,879 in 2013 to 3,705 in 2018. (see graph below which also highlights the commercial traffic increase).

    Council wishes to bring the ever-growing issue of Station Road and the increasing volume of traffic on its restricted infrastructure to the planning Authority’s attention and respectfully requests it works with GESP, DCC, and the Broadclyst Neighbourhood Plan to address this matter in a proactive and future-proof way.


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