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18/1653/MOUT Taveners Field West Clyst Broadclyst Featured

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Additional Info

  • Application Number: 18/1653/MOUT
  • Street: Taveners Field
  • Village: West Clyst
  • Closing date for comments: Tuesday, 11 September 2018
  • Did we Support?: Not Supported
  • EDDC Decision: Not Decided Yet
  • Our Comments:

    18/1653/MOUT Taveners Field, West Clyst, Broadclyst.

    Thank you for consulting Broadclyst Parish Council on this application.
    Points raised by residents have informed the Council’s comment, and are included in the following points:

    1.           Devon bank enhancement for privacy and wildlife corridor

    2.           Provision of a pedestrian access through the north west corner with all-weather surface, creating a safe route to school/shops/play areas etc

    3.           Limit on the western boundary height of housing to no more than 2 stories.

    4.           Provision of a play area on top of the SUD tank; a sum identified for play provision, the design of which to be chosen through community vote on no less than 3 designs.

    5.           Council has concerns that traffic joining the B3181 has to cross the Westclyst-Broadclyst pavement/cycleway as it enters/leaves the site. In accordance with the NPPF 2018 (108) (b), safe and suitable access to the site must be achieved for all users. Council requests that pedestrian only access via B318, with vehicular access from the north via Hawkins Road be explored so as to not pose this danger to non-car users in accordance with NPPF 110 a and c.

    6.           Traffic exiting the site and turning right will face delays at peak times where Exeter-bound queues reach back past the proposed junction; at other times traffic is leaving the built-up area and is picking up speed.

    7.           Sustainability: in line with NPPF para 131 Council would like to see evidence that the design of the dwellings promotes high levels of sustainability, including the use of renewable energy sources. The Redrow site and existing homes that border the site have a strong local identity through design and choice of materials; this should be reflected in this development and the design of dwellings enhance and raise the standard of design in the area.

    8.           Reference to the Killerton Setting Study be given due to the site’s proximity to this SSSI site (NPPF para 175 b).


    It was noted that despite its proximity to the strategic land allocations, this is not a strategic site. As a departure from the Local Plan, the affordable housing requirement is 50%[1] (Strategy 34) and evidence of need (Strategy 35).

    [1] subject to viability testing

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