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18/0837/MRES - Land South Of Old Tithebarn Lane Redhayes (Phase 17) Featured

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Additional Info

  • Application Number: 18/0837/MRES
  • Street: Land South Of Old Tithebarn Lane Redhayes (Phase 17)
  • Closing date for comments: Wednesday, 23 May 2018
  • Did we Support?: Supported
  • EDDC Decision: Not Decided Yet
  • Our Comments:

    Council unanimously resolved to Support this application with the following considerations:

    Parking for visitors should be provided; allotments wanted; the density was considered high but the proposed pepper potting throughout is welcomed. The higher buildings are on the slope rather than at the bottom of the hill which is good.

    The re-opening of Old Tithe Barn Lane is encouraged and welcomed.

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