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17/2523/COU 2 Railway Terrace Broadclyst Station Featured

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Additional Info

  • Application Number: 17/2523/COU
  • Street: 2 Railway Terrace
  • Village: Broadclyst Station
  • Post Code: EX5 3AX
  • Closing date for comments: Friday, 08 December 2017
  • Did we Support?: Not Supported
  • EDDC Decision: Not Decided Yet
  • Our Comments:

    08.01.2018 comment on amendments:

    The amendment to the description, retaining an element of residential occupancy does not address the main concerns raised in Council’s original comment. It was therefore unanimously agreed not to change Council’s comment; continue not to support this application.


    Broadclyst Emerging Neighbourhood Plan has undertaken a Housing Need Assessment and is looking at allocating sites for housing in the Broadclyst Parish.

    The Emerging Plan therefore, does not support the conversion of a residential property through change of use to business. This site is close to the unused / underused employment site of Lodge Trading Estate in Broadclyst Station; there is scope within this site through the Neighbourhood Plan to meet the needs of the proposed development.

    EDDC Local Plan

    The application is contrary to the following Local Plan strategies:

    1. Does not conform to Strategy 7 Development in the countryside & D1 Design and local distinctiveness

    Not in conformity with Landform and pattern of settlement: The residential house is located within a terrace of houses making it an inappropriate site for locating a D1 business.  

    1. Does not conform to Strategy 5B Sustainable Transport & E5 & TC7 & TC9

    The proposed business site is accessed by a private hard-core road, which does not allow for efficient, safe and accessible means of transport.

    1. Does not conform to Strategy 31 Future job and Employment Land provision

    Council echoes concerns raised by neighbouring residents as follows:

    • This area is prone to being cut off by flooding, with the access lane becoming impassable several times a year.
    • The single-track access lane is under private shared-ownership with a restrictive covenant that prohibits use in such a way that it causes nuisance to neighbours.
    • There are 2-3 parking spaces for this property, with 4 staff on-site daily. There is insufficient parking for staff, which in turn does not allow provision for parent parking.
    • Traffic movements cause disruption at drop off and collection times when residents are trying to access/leave their homes.
    • The business has grown over the last few years; while it was a small concern in a private home disruption was minimal and acceptable, however its growth and expansion to 16 children - while applaudable - has reached a level which is unacceptable for it to be located in a residential area with its access issues.
    • Concerns around H&S of having children in a garden which has to be secure (Ofsted requirement) yet has a resident’s access running through it.

    Council generally supports home-working opportunities and the development of SME’s in the parish, however on this occasion it seems the issues around access and parking are not able to be adequately mitigated and its impact is unacceptable in planning terms. Therefore, Council is unable to support this application.

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