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17/2746/FULOrchard View Broadclyst Featured

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  • Application Number: 17/2746/FUL
  • Street: Orchard View
  • Village: Broadclyst
  • Post Code: EX5 3AB
  • Closing date for comments: Tuesday, 28 November 2017
  • Did we Support?: Not Supported
  • EDDC Decision: Not Decided Yet
  • Our Comments:

    The emerging Broadclyst Neighbourhood Plan contains draft policies which seek to protect the rural character of the village. This application in inn a prominent location on the main Exeter-Cullompton road through the village of Broadclyst near the southern village gateway; it is adjacent to a traditional imposing building which sets the design character of the village.
    The proposed flat roof and modern windows are contrary to emerging Neighbourhood Plan design policies and parts 1,3, and 6 of Strategy 6 in the adopted Local Plan.
    The applicant states the neighbouring property has an existing flat roof extension; however this is to the rear of the property and not visible from the road.
    Council has concerns that this could in future be occupied as a stand-alone dwelling; as such it has no off-street parking and therefore would be contrary to point 5 in strategy 6 of the Local Plan.
    There are further concerns that this sets a local precedence for future development of the other garages in the same way in adjacent properties.  
    Vote: 5 not in favour of supporting; 0 in support; 1 no comment.

    Therefore, the Council does not support this application.

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