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EDDC waste collection UPDATE

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Following residents' enquiries, the Waste Management Officer, East Devon District Council, sent us further information for those of you who may be struggling to contain your recycling and landfill waste ...

Size of wheelie bins: The size of the bin was decided by the waste and recycling board. People that are struggling with the size of the bin can contact us for a larger bin. We will then discuss this with them and even undertake an audit of their waste. Families of 5 or more can apply for a larger bin. We understand that all families are different and anyone struggling with their waste can contact us for advice or an audit.

Landfill waste will only be collected from the containers we provide. Excess waste placed to the side of the wheeled bin will not be taken (side waste). However, in extreme cases where collections have been missed side waste will be taken.

Excess recycling will be taken if placed in carrier bags and left to the side of or on top of the box.

People have a responsibility for the waste they produce. Containing waste whilst waiting for collections is a good idea but this will have to be at the customer’s expense. Supplying additional bins is defeating the purpose of trying to reduce landfill waste.

Cardboard:The reason we do not collect cardboard from the kerbside is a matter of capacity on the vehicles.  We simply would not have room to take everybody’s cardboard.

If people are able to, then we would encourage them to use recycling centres, especially as cardboard and mixed plastics are recycled there. If people are struggling with their waste then they can contact us to discuss it: Street Scene Customer Services, tel 01395 571515 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the short term people should contain their excess waste until we can get to collect it. We update the website regularly with instructions and email town and parish councils.
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