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Landowners Call for Land breakfast Featured

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Over 30 landowners attended the Broadclyst Neighbourhood Plan’s “Call for Land” breakfast meeting this morning at the New Inn, Broadclyst. The informative meeting enabled landowners to have a better understanding of what a Neighbourhood Plan is and how central land provision is in the process.


But it’s not all about housing; the Neighbourhood Plan process enables land to be:

  1. Allocated for a wide range of development.
  2. Allocated for protection.
  3. Identified for specified future land use.

A Neighbourhood Plan is a community-led evidence-based Plan which, unlike developer-led commercial schemes, is driven by the identified needs of the local community. Part of the Localism Act, Neighbourhood Planning has weight in planning legislation terms even in draft form, and the nearer to adoption a Plan is, the greater its weight.

Once adopted, “the policies in a Neighbourhood Plan take precedence over existing non-strategic policies in the Local Plan for that neighbourhood” (National Planning Policy Framework 2012, paragraph 185)

Speaking after today’s breakfast, Janvrin Edbrooke, Broadclyst Neighbourhood Plan Lead Officer said “A wide range of development, public amenities, and community infrastructure has been identified as being needed by the local community through public consultation surveys. We are now inviting landowners to come forward so different sites can be considered for different uses. Confidentiality is assured whilst site suitability and viability assessments are carried out by an independent company.”

Landowners in Broadclyst Parish have until 31st July 2017 to respond to the Call for Land and to register their site(s). To register or find out more please contact Janvrin on 01392 360269 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Janvrin Edbrooke, Broadclyst Neighbourhood Plan Lead Officer, explains the wide range of land uses. It's not just about more houses!

Although the National Planning Policy Framework is the over-arching framework which must be taken into account in the preparation of Local Plans and Neighbourhood Plans, there are cases where the Neighbourhood Plan supersedes the East Devon Local Plan: “Where a local community prepare a Neighbourhood Plan they may specifically allocate sites and/or include criteria based or other policies for promoting development/land uses beyond the boundary.

Such ‘outside of Village built up boundaries’ policy provision would supersede relevant constraint considerations set out in ‘Strategy 7 - Development in the Countryside’ and also other relevant constraint policies. (EDDC Adopted Local Plan 2013- 2031) (Strategy 6/7 p40,41)

Neighbourhood Planning gives communities the chance to shape the future of their locale; its policies and allocations help deliver what the community really wants. 

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