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Broadclyst Housing Needs Survey Featured

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From the responses Broadclyst Parish Council have received from the recent Neighbourhood Plan Survey, it has become apparent that we need to understand more clearly the housing needs of our parishioners. This will enable the Council to assess whether specific housing policies are required in the Neighbourhood Plan. Consequently, the Council have asked Devon Communities Together (DCT) to undertake a more comprehensive Parish Housing Needs Survey to ensure any such policies are based on the most up to date and accurate data.  DCT is an independent non-profit-making charity, part of the Devon Rural Housing Partnership, and will produce an independent report.


While the report will focus on the extent of housing need in the Parish (eg affordable housing), the survey will also investigate other housing requirements (eg self-build, retirement homes). Whether you consider yourself in need or not, the information you provide is very important, so please spend a few minutes filling in the form.  The information provided will greatly assist decision making by the Parish and District Councils. 


None of the personal information provided will be disclosed to the Parish Council, and will be seen only by DCT staff.  No data will be published in the Report which can identify an individual.

The survey can be downloaded from the link below this article. If you require a hard copy which includes a postage-paid envelope, please contact the parish office on 01392 360269 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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